Kerser. The sickest?

First saw this dude from watching rap battles on YouTube. Hailing from Cambelltown in Sydney’s south west, he’s just released his debut album The Nebulizer (made with underground producer Nebs), which has been kicking up a fair amount of flare all over the net. Not someone you could ever accuse of trying to be something he’s not, charged lyrics about hard knocks are spat over a ravey/RnB/hardcore sound, which – love it or hate it – is very different to all else out there. The soundtrack to ‘lad culture’ (basically the Aussie version of chavs who speak pig latin osay the opscay an’tcay istenlay in) he’s got a massive U18 following, which is always a sign someone is destined for more attention. Writing a piece for his upcoming battle with 360, which is gearing up to be the biggest battle in aus history. For those who like to know what the ‘kids are into’ – check him out, just don’t fuck with him, he could well be the sickest!


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