Grey Ghost review

Went to see electronic rock outfit Grey Ghost a few weeks back, here’s my review from Inpress. Really strong group with an original sound….. and I think i’m a wee bit in love with their vocalist! Check out their facebook page here to see when you can catch them live. The also do some nice merch – i bought one of their black singlets with a shiny gold ghost on it – pure bling n ting!

Energetic, charismatic and absorbing, Grey Ghost rapper and singer Jeremedy is wearing what he calls his ‘moon poncho’ for tonight’s short but sweet gig – the launch of the new EP – at Fitzroy’s Evelyn. It’s fitting attire; traditional and spiritual yet kooky, galactic and a bit rock n roll – just like the band really. Opening track, an excellent cover of Talking Head’s new wave classic Psycho Killer, shows Grey Ghost’s inner workings in its most stripped down format. The performance consists of only three elements – an electronic percussive loop, an acoustic guitar and Jeremedy’s tight rhymes over the top. The combination of mechanic and organic can be problematic, the balance between the two proving hard for many aspiring electronica bands to master. Grey Ghost however, have got it nailed. Joining Jeremedy is producer DJ Matik, a bassist, drummer and additional vocalist. Full of confidence and a sense of fun but with a humble appreciation of those who have contributed to the new record, they launch into Unfuck Me (With your love) – a gritty, indie rock track but with euphoric melodies, breakdowns, build ups and an uplifting, celestial vocal – all the good stuff from your favourite rock dance track you forgot how much you loved.

As a band, the guys are tight, not a beat is missed. Drummer Cheddar is fervent, his sticks, drums and cymbals adding live punch to the mix, while, complete with black tutu and lace Madonna glove, it’s hard to take your eyes off stunning vocalist Juleiaah B. Introduced as a criticism of mankind’s addiction to gadgets and gizmos, specifically our ever present mobiles (which a few sheepish people in the crowd quickly stuff back into their pockets), The Machine kicks in around a dubstep tempo with more than a decent slab of sub bass before getting a little retro with some nice romantic chords lit by a melancholic vocal chorus pulled about for effect.

Probably the most defining track from the new EP and certainly the one that raises the most reaction from the floor, Space Ambassador, is all about sleazy guitar riffs, pounding drums and epic vocals. Frantic, jubilant and a little unhinged, it’s the kind of track that’s easy to picture on a huge scale, playing to thousands outside as the sun sets in the distance – lights, lasers, the lot! Grey Ghost – who knows what they’ll do next summer.


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