Dot Rotten

New underground-possibly-heading-overground UK rap from Dot Rotten (which stands for Dirty on Tracks, Righteous Opinions Told to Educate Nubians) He supported drum and bass/dubtep duo Chase and Status on their recent tour and is earmarked by many as someone to shine through in 2012.

Musically he’s pretty diverse (influences range from Stevie Wonder to Wu Tang) but overall his output seems to sit more comfortably within a pop/rnb bracket than some of the other new wave of UK rappers from last year including Joe Black and J Cole who were hyped to all hell but seemed to fizzle out in terms of mainstream success. Diplo has produced one of his tracks and we all know how good he is at spotting out talent. Dot Rotten –  sounds good, looks sharp and seems to have that all important balance of underground authenticity mixed with commercial attraction – keep an eye on this dude.


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