Richie Meldrum
Richie Meldrum


Here’s a set of three videos we produced for NAB using pop up books we made (with the help of an amazing talented paper craft artist) to tell the story of their financial planning services. more and add your thoughts

Cool vid here of the behind the scenes shoot for the campaign to launch chelsea’s new kit. Put together by London creative agency The Corner, it uses colour as the essence of the club and despite me being a life long QPR fan, and therefore sworn to hate the chelsea, its turend out really really nice. Think the idea of a kit promo that doesn’t show any of the kit at all is sweet.

Of course, the idea of body paint and sports players aint exactly original… more and add your thoughts

I might be missing my 1210s but this is one of my fav ads of 2013 so far. classic more and add your thoughts

I reckon Kenzo do the best branding when it comes to fashion and I’m a big fan of Mat Mainland, the UK art director, illustrator and CD at Big Active Design in the uK , so its not surprising that this new campaign vid is shit hot – track is pretty good too.

Kenzo ‘Electric Jungle’ from Big Active on Vimeo. more and add your thoughts

Here’s a cool way to brand a branding project. I especially like they way they show the inspiration for the brand coming form the old brandmark. This is key when trying to sell it in to a client – if you dont show hwo and why you got where you did then it’s just a shape on a page.

University of California Identity from University of California on Vimeo. more and add your thoughts

This is a short film/ad that we (Yoke) made with production company Tooth and Claw. It’s for the Suk-a-Bug Mini, a little plug in devise that attracts bugs and sucks them into a little compartment at the back! Was a 2 day shoot in 4 different locations. Pleased with how this one has turend out – check out their nifty little website here - which we also did. more and add your thoughts

This is cool – powerful message, nice art direction and tight production. more and add your thoughts

Nice little animation promo for the 2012 Olympics. more and add your thoughts

CocaCola continue their moves in the feel good space with this little piece which claims to use footage from CCTV cameras around the world to capture acts of kindness, helpfulness and general feel good type shiz. I wonder how much mundane, indifferent acts of nothingness they had to filter through to get to this stuff? still quite nice tho more and add your thoughts

Like both of these more and add your thoughts