Richie Meldrum
Richie Meldrum

November, 2011 Monthly archive

My monthly column for Inpress magazine covering bass driven music. This month i check out the deep, spacey, bassy, fuck with your head shit.

When we talk of being ‘taken’ by the music, we normally know what the destination sounds like. However, on occasion we are led to uncharted lands, beyond the frontier and into a different realm. Aquatic house, ether electronics, deep, deep bass and fantastical composition – yet another splinter fraction from the crowded playing field of bass music has broken away and is drifting through our ear drums with more and add your thoughts

First saw this dude from watching rap battles on YouTube. Hailing from Cambelltown in Sydney’s south west, he’s just released his debut album The Nebulizer (made with underground producer Nebs), which has been kicking up a fair amount of flare all over the net. Not someone you could ever accuse of trying to be something he’s not, charged lyrics about hard knocks are spat over a ravey/RnB/hardcore sound, which – love it or hate it – is very different to all else out there. The soundtrack to ‘lad culture’ (basically the Aussie version of chavs who speak pig latin osay the opscay an’tcay istenlay in) he’s got a massive U18 following, which is always a sign someone is destined for more attention. Writing a piece for his upcoming battle with 360, which is gearing up to be the biggest battle in aus history. For those who like to know what the ‘kids are into’ – check him out, just don’t fuck with him, he could well be the sickest! more and add your thoughts

If you haven’t seen ROA’s stuff then please go and check him out. He does big artworks of animals on buildings, walls etc in the middle of cities all over the joint. some say its to comment on the destructive effective of man on wildlife, others say it speaks to our removal from our primal natural surroundings as the concrete jungle has taken over the world. whatever you think, his first Australian exhibition is on at Form in Perth so go see that – it is bound to be badass.

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Call him a floppy fringed little mo fo if you want, but Justin Bieber rocks the shit out of pretty much everything he touches. Admittedly his music is god awful teen pop fodder but he’s got to be one of the most skilled up boys in showbiz. Watch his film and you’ll see him killing it on the drums, playing bball with styles and pulling off some decent moves on a skateboard. Now this ! He might be white but he flows like a badman and some of those bars are better than 90% of rapper out there. Hate on him if you want, but i reckon he’s kick ass. I’m just waiting for him to dip into open heart surgery – just cos he can. more and add your thoughts