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February, 2012 Monthly archive

Here’s a new one from Sydney emcee Kerser with producer Nebs on the beat again. Bit of a different style on the go here but Nebs shows that he can turn his hand to any sound and nail it – how long before this producers talents are being called upon by the big name labels? check it more and add your thoughts

Here’s my latest Bare Bass, my monthly column for Inpress Mag on electronic bass music. This will actually be my last one for Inpress as I’m moving on to pastures new, watch this space.

Bare Bass

As summer slowly comes to an end, the temperature may be slipping south but the amount of smoking hot music being released shows no sign of following suit. Bursting into ear shot a few years ago with the menacing, glitchy, electro epic Pinball, which was smashed by everyone from Flying Lotus to Mary-Anne Hobbs, Scottish producer Akira Kiteshi, or Tommy Forrest to friends and family, is back with his debut artist album Industrial Avenue set for release at the start of March through Afterglo. Pushing a range of sounds in order to demonstrate the breadth of his skills as a producer, Forrest covers off broken beat, dubstep and the trademark heavy electronic hip hop he’s known and loved for. An Australian/NZ tour is apparently in the pipeline for the middle of the year so that should give you ample time to get on the download (paid of course) and familiarise yourself with the beats before hearing them done justice on the dance floor.

Back home and Sydney beat bulwark Dizz1 has got his hands full again. He’s currently touring the country sharing his knows with the next wave of budding producers as the host of a number of Ableton Live workshops as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Sessions. Having been one of the alumni from the highly regarded international music event in Barcelona back in 2008, Dizz1 will be returning the favour in a hands-on manner down at the Prince of Wales in St Kilda on Friday 2nd March revealing all the kicks and tricks to be had from this most potent piece of software. The free session kicks off at 5pm, after which Dizz1 will moving from teacher to performer as he plays at the night’s gig at the same venue with New Zealander and Rome 2004 Academy participant Julien Dyne and fellow Kiwi rapper/singer/songwriter Ladi6.

The wait is nearly over. UK bass master Scuba’s new album Personality is about to drop and, yet again, the head of the consistently excellent Hotflush Recordings has delivered a product of premium quality. The dreamy chords and atmospherics of 2010’s Triangulation have been replaced, in part, by a more driving, club-orientated focus. While still thick with a general tenor of otherworldliness, Personality has a tougher, sharper outline. Introducing his latest work with a sample bemoaning the current state of modern music, opening track Ignition Key evokes the retro style of Miami in the 80s – all glitzy disco and sultry vocals yet delivered with that fresh coat of modern originality that Scuba, aka Paul Rose does so well. Elsewhere, Gekko is a boss of a tune. Heavy, pulsating bass lines laced with rough scratchy starter motors, shimmering symbols and cavernous echoes and reverberations. He had a lot to live up to with this album but Scuba has managed to take strike one back for the purists.

Finally, the online grapevine is shaking with whispers that the person behind the Sisi Bakbak remix of Hold On by SBTRKT is none other that wispy bearded Radiohead front man Thom Yoke. At the time of going to press Bare Bass can neither confirm nor deny these claims but having previously enlisted the services of Pearson Sound (aka Ramadanman) and New Yorker Falty DL as support acts for his band, it wouldn’t be the first time Yorke has revealed his penchant for all things bass. more and add your thoughts

Nice! more and add your thoughts

Funniest interview I’ve seen in a long long time more and add your thoughts

Each Friday im guna post a tune built for the weekend.

This week, the classic crossover track of Timo Maas’ remix of Dooms Night by Azzido Da Bass

Enjoy more and add your thoughts

the chic sports geeks at Nike have come up with the some fancy new shit in time for the Olympics in LDN. this HTM Trainer+ ways just 160grams – thats way less than the little Pakistani kid who made them! Awesome promo vid of course. more and add your thoughts

I like it – especially when he swears at the mother fucking kid! more and add your thoughts

Two of the worlds biggest and most recognisable brands hook up to bring you Nike +. Sensors in your trainers record movement and feed it back into an app which you can use to set yourself targets, train against others – it even tells you what a worthless maggot you are. personal trainers come in, your time is up! more and add your thoughts

Track from the forthcoming Grimes album Visions. Plug in your phones, turn up loud, close your eyes and drift away more and add your thoughts

Hailing from Islington, North London Benny Banks came to the attention of most following his excellent ‘Warm Up Session’ on influential urban online channel SBTV, as well as his appearance on BBC1Xtras Fire in the Booth series. Mike Skinner from the Streets is a big fan, as is clued up Man Utd defender Rio Ferdinand. If UK rap/grime is your thing then keep an eye on this one. more and add your thoughts