Richie Meldrum
Richie Meldrum

April, 2012 Monthly archive

Especially like the part when she says ‘i don’t think he has any friends!’ more and add your thoughts

with roaring motorbikes and breaking glass i think Leader of the Pack by the 60s all girl pop group The Shangri-Las has one of the best intros to a song ever i think. Full of memories this one! Happy friday mo fos! more and add your thoughts

Nice short film from British surfer/film maker Mickey Smith about the beauty of waves and the sea. more and add your thoughts

One of the best aus battles I’ve seen in a long time. Kiwi Pipes takes on Melbourne local Dribbles. Jokes, bars, crowd interaction and not a stutter or a stumble between them. makes you realise how shit most battles are when you see one like this. more and add your thoughts

Nice tune / wicked video more and add your thoughts

Looks pretty normal until you see the awesome bike pic more and add your thoughts

Share this vid and get this dog act dude busted – and the crew that did nothing should be ashamed. more and add your thoughts

As Smokey says “its Friday, you aint got no job, you aint got shit to do!” What you can do though is listen to this wicked track by all girl soul group The Flirtations. I first heard this track when working behind the bar at the Subclub in Glasgow for their weekly sunday club night – Optimo, which remains the best club night Ive ever been to. Some tools tried to pull a dance remix of this a few years back, but I’ve managed to forget how that sounds. Here’s the track in all its original glory. ps, when i snuff it, i want this played at my funeral. Happy Friday mo fos. more and add your thoughts

It looks like a duck but acts like a dog.

Also, in a strange connection, ever noticed how all ducks are actually just wearing dog masks? more and add your thoughts

When you see a Hotflush release fall into your inbox you know it’s worth checking out. Adding to Scotland’s growing army of young producer talent – Rustie, Hud Mo, Clouds, Rudi Zygadlo, S-Type, Akira Kiteshi (the list goes on) Beaumont aka Michael Rintoul serves up some cosmic RnB on this 4 track EP full of tight drum patterns and star storm electronics. keep an eye on this one… more and add your thoughts