Richie Meldrum
Richie Meldrum

July, 2012 Monthly archive

Directed by Ice T, this documentary looks to be the true story of hip hop featuring the genuine makers of the genre – and pretty much all of them. When you scope the state of play with hip hop in 2012, its nice to go back to check in on how its supposed to be done. Here the focus is on the art form – the writing, the lyrics, the bars and the ability. one for true hip hop heads, its on at the Melb Film Festival next month but both showings are sold out, so here’s hoping they add some more more and add your thoughts

These are great, really helpful for when you just need something quick and easy for dinner ;) more and add your thoughts

Chinese news confuse a rubber vagina/anus for a special kind of mushroom! yep. more and add your thoughts

Nice little animation promo for the 2012 Olympics. more and add your thoughts

Apart from fireworks, lasers are my favourite night time entertainment! Here’s some cool ones for the opening ceremony of The Shard, London’s newest and tallest building.

And here’s a cool time-lapse vid of it being built more and add your thoughts