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Richie Meldrum

August, 2012 Monthly archive

I love writing press releases – you can just push the levels of bravado to the max, especially for hip hop artists. Here’s a new one I did for Sydney rapper Kerser to promote his new album and upcoming tour. Anyone looking for help with press release, promos or bios, hit me up.

Kerser Press Release August 2012

Relentless in his approach and completely undeterred by whoever the fuck
or whatever the fuck stands in his way, Kerser continues, as planned, on his
path to the top. A lot has happened to the young emcee over the past year
alone – stories of success, elation and achievement pierced with tales of
malice, aggression and confrontation. However, despite what life throws at
him, as always, it’s the music that matters most for this Campbelltown battler
and he is back with a new album, new single and a new national tour for early

Kerser’s last release, the acclaimed The Nebulizer, was a game changer for
Australian hip-hop, reaching number 3 on the iTunes charts. more and add your thoughts

This is cool – powerful message, nice art direction and tight production. more and add your thoughts

Revok is one of my favourite artists. His stuff looks just at home on the street, in a gallery or hanging on my bedroom wall, which is where my print of this awesome work you see below is right now. This piece came from a project where he worked inside a bunch of abandoned churches in Detroit – he also did a wicked installation which you can scope here more and add your thoughts

Tonight is the graduation of Melbourne Award School , i wrote a piece on the course over at campaignbrief – read it here.

It was a pretty amazing experience and I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest in creative advertising and a willingness to not have a social life for 4 months.

Here’s a few of the briefs I did that made it into my final folio. Thanks to the talents of Huw Jones at vector zero (scope his site here) and NZ’s finest Richard Seyb for turning my drawings into the shit hot form you see below. Also thanks to Aaron and Connor at GPY&R and Richard, Dan and Tim at Freeform who were my course tutors – sound advice and free beers from all of them!

Foxtel parental lock, control what TV your kids watch more and add your thoughts

I’m always into ways of bringing digital into the physical/’real’ world and this is a cool piece of hacking and tech/dev know-how that gives you a touchy feel sling shot to launch your angry birds. How cool is the little wooden detonator too! more and add your thoughts